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Beyond Traditional Italian Ceramics


In an ever-faster and more connected world, one that is less "slow," it's easy to lose oneself amidst fleeting artistic trends. Yet, there exists an art form that transcends time and takes root in the heart of Italy, an art that has for generations shaped the culture and identity of an entire nation: the art of ceramic.

Materic Art is much more than an art shop. It's an experience that invites everyone to discover the profound connection between Italian tradition and contemporary art. Here, the Artworks become not just art objects, but vessels for the stories of artists who dedicate their lives to transforming raw material into emotion. This tactile art places the substance of an object or Artwork at the forefront, emphasizing shapes, textures, and the physical qualities of materials. In each piece, the essence of tactile art, its history, and modernity merge, creating a bridge between past and present.

We take pride in our roots and aim to be innovators in support of Italian artists. Their tradition is the foundation, but contemporaneity is the future, and Beyond Traditional Italian Ceramics is our motto.